Common Divorce Judgement Rejection Problems-California

Posted on August 27, 2018 at 10:25 PM

Pursuant to the Court [California] your Divorce may be rejected if: 

The Judgment includes property and debts or other issues that were not listed in your Petition or your Property Declaration, unless you wrote on those forms that you did not know the value of those assets and the debts were unknown at the time you filed the forms;

The property division requested on the property declaration forms, or agreed to in the settlement agreement or stipulated judgment, appears to be 1-sided or unfair;

Your forms do not give enough information about your finances or parenting plan to calculate support orders;

You have a case with the local child support agency and you did NOT get approval for the proposed child support payments from the local child support agency;

The judge does not have proof of service for the Summons and the Petition; or

You were missing a required court form.

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